Published 7 November 2023

Swedish urban history - an introduction

This book presents for the first time the main features of Swedish urbanization
and urban development for an international audience. The chronological
chapters work with a number of common perspectives: urban trends, demographic developments, industry and commerce, government and administration, the townscape as well as social and cultural developments.

Starting in Uppåkra, outside of Lund around the year zero, urban history is described through the Middle Ages, the early-modern Empire, the period of industrialization and finally today’s metropolitan areas. The introductory chapter explains a series of words, concepts and theories central to urban history in order to clarify the Swedish urban landscape with its specific urban settlements for an international reader.

The book is intended as teaching material at universities and colleges, but can also be read independently as an introduction to Swedish urban history. The authors work at the Institute of Urban History, Stockholm University.

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  • Heiko Droste