Published 21 February 2023

Network Nordic Urban history

The urban history of the North needs transnational and transdisciplinary approaches. In order to strengthen research on the Nordic countries' urban history, we need a network of all urban historians, that is scholars with an interest in urban history. If you want to join this network contact us.

The network is meant to function as an informal organization, a way to connect, to organize conferences, maybe joint research projects. The network came about as part of a conference: Urbanity in the Periphery, in Stockholm 2019. We agreed upon further meetings, regular conferences.

Also in 2019, the institute published the first comprehensive urban history of Sweden in Swedish. This book will be published in an English version in 2023.


If you are interested to come or not able to come, but interested to participate in the future, please send an email to me, Heiko Droste, stating name, affiliation and email-address. If you agree, I will after the conference in Antwerp send out a list of all members of the network.

Contact The Institute of Urban History


  • Heiko Droste