Urbanity in the Periphery. Nordic Town History in Comparative Perspective

In 2019, the Institute of Urban history at Stockholm university celebrate its 100th anniversary. Due to this anniversary, the Institute organizes an international conference on Nordic Town History in August 28-30, 2019.

Founded in 1919 by representatives of the Swedish towns who wanted their history researched properly, the Institute focused since then on Swedish towns and municipalities, in a long-term as well as international perspective. However, since then both the interest in towns as well as their functions changed considerably. In recent years, the concept of urbanity re-emerged, crediting especially the bigger cities with a leading role in their societies’ modernisation. At the same time, the urbanity of smaller towns is in debate. What is their role and future in times of de-industrialisation and deurbanisation?

These questions are best to be answered in a comparative perspective as well as by way of a dialogue between town historians from different backgrounds, but with a common history in mind. We can call this common history for the North. The North is a region in Europe, which always found itself in the periphery and which despite its importance in economic terms perceived itself as lacking, not the least with regards to its urbanity.


Programme (version July 2019)

Organizers: Institute of Urban History, Stockholm University

Registration obligatory: urbanity2019@historia.su.se (sorry, we are fully booked).

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