Values, Worldviews and Religions in Education:
Changing Realities in the City

European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction EARLI, SIG 19 (Religions and Worldviews in Education) conference 8-11 June 2020 at Stockholm University, Sweden. Postponed from June to November, week 46, 9 - 13 november 2020

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Introduction, program

Over the the past decades, religion has become a globally relevant societal issue also in the educational settings. Both due to increasing immigration and the growing interest in new religious movements and spirituality, religious diversity in Europe and beyond is more heightened than ever. This situation presents us with challenges where competence about religion becomes increasingly important.

Societal education is in a special role here, as Early Childhood Education and Care, schools, universities, and other educational settings gather together the children or students from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Thereby, understanding religion as a phenomenon, as well as the ability to analyze how religion and other worldviews, whether religious or secular, can take on different expressions in society, is necessary for all teachers and support staff in educational settings, in order for them to also support children and youth in constructing critical competences as regards these global citizenship skills.


Call for papers submissions should be send until 2020-01-15.

Call for papers Changing Realities in the City, Stockholm Uiverscity

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