9 oktober 2020

Urbanity in the Periphery

August 28-30, 2019, the Institute organized an international conference in order to celebrate its 100th anniversary. Scholars from Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Estonia presented comparative studies on the towns of the North.

Market place, Lovisa, Finland

Market place, Lovisa, Finland


Next to the scholarly exchange, the conference was also organized in order to establish an international cooperation among urban historians from different fields, that is all scholars with an interest in the history of towns. The conference was therefore meant to create a more lasting cooperation, which we intend to discuss in more details in Antwerp, on occasion of the EAUH-conference in September 2020, which was postponed until September 2021.

The program reflects the transdisciplinary approach of many papers. The conference will be published.


The aim is to built a network, mostly based on regular emails and newsletters. If you did not attend the conference in Stockholm, but want to be part of that network, please send an email, preferably with a few words on your research and affiliation to:


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